WTE 2021: Renewing travel enthusiasm in the New Normal

Ad Asia Events launched its first ever virtual edition of World Travel Expo last  October 14 which ran until October 16, 2021.

Now on its 5th year, with the theme “Come Aboard, Travel Reboot!”, WTE 2021 became the authoritative platform on how to travel in the new normal.  With distinguished  speakers from the travel and tourism industry,  WTE 2021 shared vital information and sensible forecasts  about the country’s tourism trends and shifts that are indeed helpful to everyone who are all keen on resuming their travel exploits soon.

Among the many topics discussed, the spotlight mainly focused on how to coax  the people to come out of their homes and engage them to do domestic travel to help revive local tourism. Each notable speaker gave their own hindsight and know-how on how to reassure the travelers about their safety in the post-pandemic world.

Bottom line, the tourism sector will definitely  undergo many changes, some of which certainly hampered the small businesses that rely on this sphere, but with the perseverance and collaboration of each and everyone, the tourism industry will once again go forward;  with travelers enjoying different trips here and abroad without being apprehensive and fussy about their safety.  Along with that, a restored contribution to economic growth will surely follow.