Real Estate Expo Manila went virtual this 2021

This year marked REEM’s 4 th year of staging a conference-expo that has made its niche as a notable
platform for real estate investors and operators as well as for ordinary people who are curious about
residential, industrial and commercial lands and edifices. The 3-day event, which was powered by
FLOOR, a virtual event space that hosts events such as conferences, expos, meetings, award ceremonies
and others, gathered and reunited familiar faces and names who acted as speakers and gave their
knowledgeable insights and inputs about the plight and issues of the Philippine real estate industry in
the new normal. It was well received by novice and trained professionals alike in the industry.

It is not everyday that you get to learn the challenges, opportunities and the future of real estate, and
the recently concluded Real Estate Expo Manila was an exciting eye-opener about the changing
landscape of the real estate market. Added to this fact was the stirring digital-simulated trade show
environment that impressed all attendees. It’s safe to say that virtual and hybrid events like this will
surely have a permanent spot in our pandemic-hit economy, a doable alternative to in-person events
and shows. And, Real Estate Expo Manila deserves a pat on the back for a job well done!